The Vøringfoss Waterfall

View from Fossli Hotel

In the Hardanger Mountains, near Eidfjord - Norway, is one of the highest waterfalls  in Europe. It is more than four times as high as the beautiful falls of Terni, and eight times that of the Handeck

If Salisbury Cathedral was placed  upon the cross of St Paul's, the Vøringsfoss would still be taller.

The incomparably best viewpoint is from the Fossli Hotel, a spectacular 1000 feet above the river.

Lloyd once said..

 "The body of the water is very considerable, and the fall not less than 900 feet; the rocks on either side rise so perpendicularly from the river, that when I leant over them to see the fall beneath, my guide thought it necessary to hold me fast by the skirts of my coat. I have met with much wild scenery in my time ; but so terrific an abyss as I then looked down upon, my eyes never beheld."