V°ringfossen, Hardanger

Established 1891

Telephone: + 47 53 66 57 77
Telefax: +  47 53 66 50 34

E-mail: post@fossli-hotel.com

Open 20th May - 15th September

Fossli Hotel, established in 1891, is situated at the innermost end of the Hardanger Fiord in the beautiful Hardanger mountains. The hotel overlooks one of the highest waterfalls in Europe.

The magnificent V°ringsfoss waterfall has attracted the Kings and Queens and, writers and musicians of Norway and Europe to stay at the Fossli hotel for almost 120 years. Edvard Grieg wrote his Opus 66 at the Fossli Hotel.

The hotel which has been family owned for four generations was designed by the famous architect Konow Lund in the Art Nouveau style for visitors to relax in the clear mountain air. The hotel has retained it's original character to this day.

In the absence of roads in 1891 the building materials which were carried on horseback to the mountain plateau.


We look forward to welcoming you to
The Fossli Hotel.

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